1. Terrible news. So soon after Frankie Knuckles as well. DJ Rashad RIP. Stay strong Chicago.

  2. bassnotmidrange:

    Frankie Knuckles 1955-2014. RIP.

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    Sebastien “Slice” Fava-Verde is an original raver at heart; back in the day you could find him dancing on top of speaker stacks with a whistle in his mouth. A walkman saw him through most of his younger years and it all started with a primitive Goa Trance / Gabba tape in 1996. At college in Reading (UK) he found his feet in the local free party scene (Junktion 10, Ooops, Lost The Plot) where he was spoon-fed Acid Techno by the likes of Dave The Drummer and Chris Liberator.

    In 2003 Slice moved to Sydney, met partner-in-crime Micapam and fell in love with Reggae/Dancehall; together they founded online music magazine Inna Riddim and have been a driving force in the local scene since. Inna Riddim is also a record label and sound system bringing the ruckus from Brighton to Bondi. They love music that pushes boundaries across the full spectrum of bass music: techno, 2step, house & funky, garage, reggae, dancehall, underground hiphop, dubstep, jungle, drum n’ bass, grime, soul, funk, jazz and whatever else they’re feeling so long as it’s got bass, soul and grit.

    Having developed a passion for wordplay and narrative as a journalist, Slice turned his hand to MCing, which led him to join live Drum & Bass band Kobra Kai in 2005. Together they’ve released several LPs, EPs, singles, toured Australia and played the festival circuit. Over the years Slice has collaborated with a variety of other producers, recording and performing vocals for Pablo Calamari, The Potbelleez and Mailer Daemon. Having dabbled in production for close to 10 years, it’s now a focus – releasing under his pseudonym Slice and his other alias After Dark.

    As for the band Kobra Kai, they are Sydney’s live drum n bass, hip hop and dubstep pioneers. Since being heralded Triple J’s state by state Unearthed winners in 2007, Kobra Kai have continued to lead the future of live dance music in Australia. They have filled dance floors for The Big Day Out, Futuremusic, Space Ibiza, Stereosonic, Creamfields, Peats Ridge Festival, and have shared the stage with Roni Size & Dynamite MC, Killa Kella, DJ Marky & Stamina, Concord Dawn, The Upbeats, High Contrast, Andy C, and Skrillex. Their second LP Insession is out now through Foreign Dub.

    I’ve known Sebastien from meeting him at many of parties way back in the day. Through mutual friends, interest and associations we’ve kept in touch and have wanted to do a shoot together for some time. So it was great to finally get together to catch up and take his photo. His records were stored in the UK where he grew up and it was only recently that they were shipped to Australia to be reunited with his collection. His vinyl choice is a pop classic, which to him reflected nicely as it reminded him of a period in his younger days living in New York when this was released in the late 80s. Who’s Bad?!

    Location: Artist’s Studio

    Vinyl: Michael Jackson - Bad [Epic]

  4. dontsleepnyc:

    Out last week, Tape2Tape has bestowed a wonderful pair of funky joints on the Australian Innariddim label. Hit Em comes in strong with a tight 808 kit rapid firing rim-shots into the lopping breakbeat rhythm, occasionally opening up to reveal a rumbling subbed-out core. Ya Know upends what initially sounds of tribal house with its offset snare and wonderfully disorienting cinematic sample. Some of Tape2Tape’s drum & bass roots come through in the drum programming and sampling on both tracks yet the results in each case are marvelously different. Grab this release over at beatport and visit the soundcloud for upcoming flavors from Innariddim. BG UP

  5. Things That Are In The Main Only Of Interest To Me: Digital Publishing Is A Pyramid Scheme


    Here are some brief points on the economics of for-profit start up publications.

    There are a great number of them that are in profit. They exist to make money. They are not an altruistic project enamoured of the public good. They have boards, they have CEOs drawing large salaries, they have full…

  6. The density of the prose does not make it any easier to follow the thread. It is no small feat to write a gloss that is more opaque than the quotation from Jacques Derrida it is intended to explicate.
    My review of Emily Apter’s Against World Literature is up now on the Sydney Review of Books.
  7. Prolapsarian: A Letter to Goldsmiths art students on capitalism, art and pseudo-critique


    Dear Goldsmiths Art Students,

    I attended your MFA show two nights ago. I apologise to an extent: with so many artworks on display it was difficult to digest any of them. That situation was exacerbated by the fact that so few of the works seemed to have it in them to behave destructively…

    Good post. I wonder if the writer has read Ranciere’s ‘The Politics of Aesthetics’? http://www.bloomsbury.com/au/the-politics-of-aesthetics-9781780936871/

  8. According to BBC World News, the number of Egyptians protesting yesterday (33,000,000) is the largest number of gathered protesters in the history of mankind


    Can we all think about that for a minute? 

    Over 33,000,000 people


    are standing in the streets 


    as they have been for days 


    and their act of valor is unprecedented in the history of mankind


    and yet 

    no one is talking about it 

  9. Gillard gets the Lloyd Bentsen treatment.
Image on the left is from @manicbotanic / @justanotherfellow.

    Gillard gets the Lloyd Bentsen treatment.

    Image on the left is from @manicbotanic / @justanotherfellow.

  10. The UTS Writers' Anthology: Five Minutes with Kate Simonian


    1. What was the name of the first story you ever wrote, and what was it about?

    My earliest extant story is ‘Rebecca’s Wonderful Adventure,’ an incoherent tale about a giant hovering mouth that terrorises the inhabitants of an imaginary land. I got a gold sticker.

    2. Where do you…